Jobs For Hire – Melbourne

Need an extra set of hands? Do you need your house cleaned? Do you have errands that need to be run? A kitchen or garage organized?
Well if you live in the Melbourne/South Brevard area, you are in LUCK!

Call Aly Catino and her crew at Jobs For Hire at (321) 536-0095
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Jobs for Hire

Says Aly: “Does your home need a good cleaning?  Do you have a grocery list that needs to be scratched off?  How about that outfit that needs to get to the cleaners?  Here at Jobs for Hire, we want to take care of all of this and more!  So whether you are recovering from a surgery or just too busy with work and family, we are here for you.  We understand that life is too short and valuable so let us help clean up not just your home but your schedule too because here at Jobs for Hire we get gratification knowing we can simplify your life so you can get back to what matters most–YOU.

Our customers vary; we help people who have lost their mobility due to surgery/medical issues, the elderly who need assistance in up-keeping their home and professionals and homemakers who just need an extra set of hands – so call us and let us help you get through your week!

We provide Services in Brevard County, FL on the mainland from Viera Blvd. to Minton Rd.’ Beachside between the Pineda and Melbourne Causeways.”


* Jobs for Hire has done multiple jobs for me – from standard cleaning to larger projects, like a move out clean or multiple step tasks that require planning and follow through. I have never seen anyone else with better technique – and Aly’s professionalism and dependability are amazing to complete the larger projects. Linda – Satellite Beach, FL

* Jobs for Hire was called with less than a day’s notice to do an assessment of a property that required a deep cleaning service. They arrived on time and gave me a competitive proposal as requested. After selecting them to the job, they came out the following day and completed the service. They did exactly what they said in the proposal. I would definitely use their services again! Kathleen – National Realty

*I highly recommend Jobs-for Hire. My house has never been cleaned with such attention to detail. I no longer drive so the errand service is a god send. They do my grocery shopping from time to time and always do an excellent job. I have utmost confidence in their services. It has made my life much easier.
Adele – Satellite Beach, FL

* Jobs For Hire has been cleaning my home for several months now.  Each time they come they always do a really good job!  High Recommended! Elizabeth – Rockledge, FL

So call Jobs For Hire TODAY (321) 536-0095